Le Crapaud Rouge – Restaurant et Guinguette de Bord de Mer à Plouha

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Mussels and fries in Tréveneuc.

Vue panoramique du restaurant Crapaud Rouge et de son cadre côtier à Plouha

For over 20 years.

The Red Toad is an authentic, rustic, and popular establishment that has been around for over 20 years, where conviviality is honored. Located above Port Goret beach, it offers an exceptional sea view where you can see the highest cliffs in Brittany (104 m). On a clear day, we can see the island of Bréhat.

Red Toad ?

The name « Crapaud Rouge » comes from the frog game (a sort of puck game). A frog was placed on a barrel, and coins were thrown at it. The player who successfully threw a coin into the frog’s mouth won the coins from the other players. The residents of Kertugal and Tréveneuc were given the nickname « Red Toads ».

Quality Commitment

At Crapaud Rouge, our commitment to quality is reflected in each of our dishes. We offer a wide selection of organic and Breton products. Our recipes are crafted with passion and creativity to deliver unique and harmonious flavors. We prioritize freshness, seasonality, and taste.

Plat de moules fraîches accompagnées de frites croustillantes au restaurant Crapaud Rouge